Windermere, New South Wales, Australia

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Imaginaturalists operates in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia

Programs run over approximately ten weeks and can be adapted to your schools individual needs.

Single day workshops are also available to be designed for your school.


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Cancellation Policy

Imaginaturalists runs education programs in which the terms and conditions are agreed upon via quotation and invoice acceptance between Imaginaturalists and the customer. 

Imaginaturalists will accommodate the movement of agreed dates of workshop attendance where possible, with 7 days notification prior to the agreed date of workshop. 

If an alternate date is not able to be agreed upon, Imaginaturalists is not liable for refund of fees associated with this.

All efforts to reach a mutually beneficial outcome will be met by Imaginaturalists.

Any cancellation of the agreed term or a portion of the agreed term of the education program,  will not be refunded and Imaginaturalists is not obligated to make up dates missed for circumstances which are outside of the control of Imaginaturalists.